1. The dance between darkness and light will always remain— 


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    How to make clouds indoors: The art of Berndnaut Smilde

    Of course, recreating a cloud and all the physical elements that go along with it is an act that requires meticulous planning entailing carefully controlling the temperature and humidity levels of the room, constantly moistening the air inside it and adjusting the lighting to create a dramatic and realistic effect. When the room conditions are ideal, a fog machine unleashes a dense mist that appears heavy and damp, just like a real life raincloud. Floating proudly in the middle of the oddest of spaces, they last for only a few brief moments before dissipating into thin air.

    In fact, very few people have actually seen Berndnaut Smilde's work in person. As short-lived as a summer storm, his whimsical clouds live only to exist in photographic form. Somewhere in-between reality and representation, the beauty of a fleeting haze is captured on a print that becomes the only medium to prove that they ever in fact existed. Building on awe and disbelief, it is this highly ephemeral nature of theirs that makes them so special, as if they were another urban myth that one has yet to witness but still fervently believes.

    I know this is supposed to be like “oh wow you can make fog”

    But it just looks like some kind of tourist fog checking out a bunch of cool rooms

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    My hime lolita coord with one of my favorite color schemes, white and gold~ I’d say I’m getting the hang of coordinating since this is only my second coord! Dress is Le J’ardin de Versailles by Chess Story ♡

    You go girl.

    10/10 A+ Amajing

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    吉原安里/ Zimiel
    Photos/ Renkaアサさん

    I dont even into body image im sorry this is beautiful in all the ways

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    yugi u stone cold motherfucker

    in the manga he was a badass

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    Shironuri 3 : Return of the Decade Long Nightmare 

    Shooting with Cunning Costuming and Shannycat at Plan B Halifax

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    milagro knows what’s up

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    Fuck, he’s cute. At least he’s happily taken. ^_^

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    this happens to me everytime

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